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Take a Virtual Tour of Puerto Banus with your tour guide Kalie Deane, Puerto Banus Queen!

When people live on the Costa del Sol, they seem to take their surroundings for granted, and forget why they moved to Spain. As correspondent for the Puerto Banus Guide I feel it is my duty to highlight the beauty of Puerto Banus. Let me take you on Virtual Tour and fall in love with the Port all over again…

It is a quiet morning in January, due to the time of year there are not many people around, No one to enjoy this magnificent time of day. Many are likely to be in bed sleeping off a late night of partying.

Sunshine oozes over the Port. The sound of laughter can be heard, Spanish voices exchanging pleasantries, whilst beginning morning preparations. The whole ambience is different to England where people rarely have time for such things. “Buenos Dias” barks the elderly delivery man.

I am starting to walk along the promenade next to Soul Beach, the sea is calmly awaking. Just me and an early morning jogger amongst gently swaying trees. In the distance the statue stands defiantly, arms raised honorably as the landmark of Puerto Banus.

The pathway is lined with flags from various countries. With every flag I pass, the statue gets bigger. Before I reach the end of the walkway a couple more men have jogged past. The view looks stunning; I must stop and take a picture.

The beach is so empty, how can no one be lapping up this luxury? Except for a small dog, playing freely in the sand. There is an amusing woman approaching though, swinging her arms enthusiastically whilst taking marathon pigeon steps. She looks as if she is in need of a toilet, as apposed to doing exercise.

Leaving the beautiful scenery behind, I pass the Cristamar centre on my right and head for the Port. On arrival I look for the Hummer, there it is dominating its usual parking spot opposite Astral.

The first of the illustrious shops are Louis Vuitton and Dolce and Gabbana. As you can imagine, I avoid these shops like the plague, for the sake of my bank balance. I do on the other hand have to stop and admire the luxurious display of underwear and jewellery in Lady Russ. Fifty percent discount catches my eye and sends my heart racing. I tell myself that one day I will purchase something from here.

Through the window of Lonestar - a stylish new restaurant – I can see a girl neatly laying tables. Waiters are filling up stock in Jacks. A peaceful atmosphere carries through the Port, which in itself is somewhat quieter than normal today. Taco Loco seems to be still asleep.

Cleaning is a consistent feature at this time of day; it never fails to impress me. Shops and restaurants seem to aim for precision, meticulously cleaning windows and sweeping, even washing outside the entrances. Not something you see too frequently in England.

Although predominantly Spanish voices, throughout my journey I have heard a variation of accents. As I turn the corner near the arch way I hear the sound of English voices, or was it American? You seem to become oblivious to them in the end, which is a shame.

The Cozy little German bar Stereo Lounge is playing lively, inviting music. Restaurants like Azul Marino are empty but open, I wonder if people actually dine in them at this time of the morning. Passers by stop to look at the menu, I can’t tell where they are from, at a guess I would say Germany.

As I continue along the front line, a Spanish couple sit in prime position at the front of News Café eating a cooked breakfast. A set of lovers pass me by holding hands and smiling. This is a regular occurrence, for me this romantic sight is the symbol of Puerto Banus.

The sound of cutlery can be heard from Red Pepper a Greek Tavern. A man occupies his usual spot talking rather loudly on his mobile phone, he must be the manager.

I am nearing the end of the Port. A few people are dotted in Sinatra’s, probably the most infamous bar in Puerto Banus. It strikes me how different it looks during the day without people crowded outside.

The last one I pass is Salduba –the perfect place to people-watch. The outside is quite large and usually fairly busy, especially on a sunny day like today. I am fascinated by Salduba, I love to observe all sorts of people as I walk past. The business men talking ‘business’, families enjoying their holiday, men with newspapers and a fix of morning coffee.

I take a minute to observe today’s characters. One man strikes an unsuspecting gaze whilst another snaps him from every angle, tourist. I recognize a group of large, inconspicuous men, each wearing a set of dark shades. A few other people are scattered around with coffees.

If I was a tourist I would be sure to wander up towards the Control Tower, past Pangaea nightclub to admire the most impressive yachts assembled in the marina.

On route to my car, I am puzzled by a bus that has stopped randomly at a round-about; the driver is pacing slowly up and down, possibly stretching his legs. I do admire the Spanish work ethic.

As I make my way back out of the Port, it seems that gradually everything has opened. Time to begin another ‘working’ day in Puerto Banus.


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