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I am looking for one top phone closer. I have 20 to 30 qualified leads a day and can't handle them all. All my leads have responded to either an advert or been tele conversed. They have all been pre-qualified, have all agreed they are intersted in our investment, they have a minimum of £10k and £50k to invest. They have all recived a marketing pack, been directed to the website and all have a specific tele appointment booked to recieve a call form a broker. I am quielty sitting on my own earning a nice packet selling this and need one (maybe 2) seriously good closers to service the leads with.We will be working monday to friday, 12pm to 8pm. I don't mind were you worked before but know this. This is an unregulated but totally legit investment product. You will earn a minimum of £10'000 per month. Got to be a cool guy, no tossers/flash B/S merchants. When this is gone, it won't be coming up again.I have a max of 18 months before the opportunity is closed. You will recieve 10 qualified tele appointments per day. I close these leads at 1 in 4, minimum £1000 commision per deal.Self loading investment, ALL initial investors come back for more, thats your money also. All admin and legals/banking from UK. Just me and you working from a sun deck on headphones. Don't waste my time & I won't waste yours.
  • Employer:
  • Wiliam Lindley
  • Reference:
  • #123
  • Date Posted:
  • 05 Apr 2007
  • Area:
  • Puerto Banus
  • Province:
  • Malaga
  • Country:
  • Spain
  • Job Category:
  • Sales
  • Contract:
  • Permanent
  • Qualifications Required:
  • Must be a great closer and able to drive money in. If you don't understand this advert, don't bother to reply. Looking for 1 super broker to join in the gold rush.
  • Legal Conditions:
  • Salary & Commisions
  • Sliding, min 1k per closed deal. If your not closing 10 a month minimum, your not going to be here.
  • Telephone:
  • +44(0)7812391924
  • Fax:


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