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Editors Picks
This section of the Puerto Banus Guide forum has been setup by the Editor of the site, as a place to showcase some of the things that are going on in Banus, Rant and moan about issues of the day and generally create a debating area for all things Puerto Banus. So Join in Today!
12 topics 23 posts
About the Puerto Banus Guide
This section of the Puerto Banus Guide forums is to allow our members an opportunity to provide feedback on their experience in using the site. What do you like and what don't you like? Anything you'd like to see?
2 topics 3 posts
Holiday Date
If you're visiting Puerto Banus on holiday and fancy a holiday date put your contact details here or tell us where you'll be and see what happens. Remember to always be careful of strangers with sweeties.
0 topics 0 posts
Seeking employment
Here's the place to advertise yourself if you're thinking of moving to Puerto Banus and want to have a job lined up, or maybe you're already here and want to change your job? Get Posting (Members only)
8 topics 9 posts
Night Life and Activities
Use this forum if you want to find out what is happening in Puerto Banus, Marbella and beyond, or if you want to tell everyone about your event!
27 topics 39 posts
Free Classifieds
This section of the forums is for individuals that wish to sell an item. Please note that this is not for commercial use. Please be sure to include the total costs including any shipping and/or handling charges for delivery to the Costa del Sol.
19 topics 24 posts
Costa del Sol Sports
Interested in Sporting activties? Trying to organise a game of football with some people? Want to get people to be a part of your bowling leauge? This is the place to communicate.
7 topics 22 posts
Costa del Sol Accomodation Offered
Do you have an apartment to rent? Perhaps you have a spare room that you are looking to let out to someone for the winter months? This is where you can enter detailed information. Please note that this section is for individuals only. If you are a business looking to list a rental property, please include this within the "rentals" section.
6 topics 7 posts
Costa del Sol Accomodation Wanted
This is for individuals that are looking for a place to stay on the Costa del Sol. Be sure to include your budget, the type of place that you are looking for, and what duration you are planning to stay.
6 topics 6 posts
Musicians Seeking Musicans
Want to organise a jam? Or are you looking for a new drummer for your band? Here's the place where the musicians on the coast can get together and make some noise.
7 topics 8 posts


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