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Marbella Garage to be the star of a New TV Show


Endemol, the production company behind Big Brother are making an exciting new fly on the wall TV series for the Discovery Channel.


The show will follow the day to day life of English Mobile Mechanics, a busy English garage in Marbella ….



The show is best described as observational documentary. The programme makers are keen to stress that this is not a reality show, nor is it an entertainment show…. no mechanics will be evicted, there will be no organised car tasks or challenges, and none of the mechanical stories will be set up or manipulated.


Everything you see will be real, all the challenges the mechanics face will be real and all the clients will have genuine needs and problems with their cars. During filming the garage will function as normal with customers bringing in their cars and paying for their own work as they would at any other time … the only difference being the presence of the TV camera crew!!


Whilst much of what happens to the mechanics, the clients and their cars will be followed in the series, the show will be largely factual and will focus on the mechanics and workings of the cars themselves.



The idea is to show how a real garage functions, how mechanical problems are solved, how something that seems simple can suddenly become very problematic and how all this effects the day to day running of a garage

Plus of course there is the unique angle of the Costa del Sol . Some of the mechanics will be arriving on the Coast for the first time. They will not only have to adjust to working on the coast but also to life on the Coast.


In addition the show will include features of the motoring world that are unique to the Costa del Sol such as following a rally or racing event or attending a local car show.


To give the best possible service, English Mobile Mechanics are expanding for the show to allow for a bigger workshop and will be buying in the latest diagnostic equipment and tools.


All the garage staff ( both new and old ) are fully qualified and have different areas in which they specialise. Anyone who fancies bringing their car along can expect a completely professional service from mechanics who are at the top of their field.


Filming begins early September and the garage will be open for business as usual during the filming period.


The programme makers would love to hear from anyone who would be interested in taking part in the show and hope that many old and new customers simply turn up at the garage.


So…. if you have a new car or an old car with a problem, a super car, a classic car or just a little run around and have been thinking about getting some work done or need some mechanical advice …. Simply pop along to English Mobile Mechanics and make your car the star!!


English Mobile Mechanics are situated on the Poligino La Ermita in Marbella . You can find them at the top of Calle Pirita, Nave 36. To make an appointment call 952 827 443 / 609 503 476 / 629 242 830 


If you’d like more information about the show or have an unusual story regarding your car or an ongoing mechanical problem which you’d like to tell us more about, contact producer Samantha Hornick on 630 80 17 40 or email Samantha.hornick@endemoluk.com




We look forward to seeing you at the garage soon!



   Calle Pirita, Nave 36 Poligino La Ermita Marbella
   952 827 443 or 609 503 476
   Languages: English

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